The Wearsafe Tag

Call for help without fumbling with your phone.

When you’re in trouble, fumbling with a phone is the last thing you want to do. That’s why the Wearsafe Tag sends an alert with critical information with just the press of a button.

Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform App

An Instant Call for Help

With the press of a button, The Wearsafe Tag uses the power of your smartphone to send trusted friends and family an alert with all the information they need to get you help quickly.

1. Press the Tag

At the first sign of trouble, press the button on your Wearsafe Tag. This activates the Wearsafe App on your smartphone and sends an alert to your selected contacts.

2. Contacts Are Alerted

The Wearsafe App sends your selected contacts an alert containing your location & streaming audio so they can understand your emergency and provide appropriate help.

3. Help Is On The Way

Your contacts can use the group chat in the Wearsafe App to coordinate a response, whether coming to your aid in person, or calling the authorities on your behalf.


Wearsafe Features


Real time location updates only when alert is sent.

Streaming Audio

Hear what’s happening to coordinate the best response.

Group Chat

Contacts communicate in-app for a faster response.

200-foot Range

Send an alert from up to 200 feet from your smart phone.


Tag vibrates when alert is sent and viewed for reassurance.

1-Touch Call

Contacts can call Emergency Services right from the App.

Wearsafe Mobile Personal Safety Panic Buttons

Wearsafe Personal
Response Tag

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