Wearsafe Now Available For Android Wear

Wearsafe Now Available For Android Wear

Wearsafe Now Available For Android Wear 1280 600 Wearsafe

Wearsafe releases service for Android Wear.


Some prefer Apple, some prefer Android. We love them both.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Wearsafe is now available for Android Wear! We believe that you should feel safe no matter where you are or what you’re doing, so we’re working hard to provide even more ways to incorporate Wearsafe into your lifestyle. From the Wearsafe Tag, to Apple Watch, to Android Wear, getting help when you need it is more convenient than ever.
Have an Android Wear Watch? Check out what your watch can do with a Wearsafe subscription:
  • Send alerts from right from your Android Wear watch face – a 5 second countdown helps prevent false alerts!
  • Receive haptic feedback during the countdown, when your alert is sent, and when your alert is viewed by responders.
  • Check your active network.

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So whether you prefer to wear an Apple Watch or rock some Android Wear, we’ll let you decide. Either way we have you covered! Whichever you prefer, rest assured that your friends and family are just a press away if you need them.

Have an Android Wear smartwatch? Get the Wearsafe App here: 


Want a little extra help getting set up? Check out our Step-by-Step Setup Guide to get Wearsafe up and running on your Android Wear smartwatch!

Android Wear is another big step toward our goal of providing you with Wearsafe confidence throughout the day and night, but we’re not done yet! Love another smartwatch? Let us know the brand, name, model and year and you will be the first to know when we support it.