Who We Are

We’re Wearsafe, a technology company on a mission to make the world feel safer.

We are developers, engineers, marketers, creatives, lawyers…

We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe.

We come to work every day excited to make a difference in people’s lives.

Protecting individuals, wherever they may be.

Society has changed in the last few decades and the Wearsafe team believes that our safety resources should too. By using the latest technological advancements to coordinate appropriate, immediate responses, Wearsafe brings safety into the 21st century.

In this fast paced, digital world, Wearsafe gives everyone the ability to connect instantly and get help in real time, allowing us to feel more confident and secure, every day.

Meet the Founders

David Benoit & Phill Giancarlo

Dave is a technology and IP attorney with over 15 years of experience representing both mature and early-stage companies in the areas of mobile technology, software licensing, and data privacy. He also happens to have the most infectious laugh you’ve ever heard.

Phill brings over 25 years of experience running technology organizations, developing mobile applications, designing public safety consumer products, and managing complex information technology platforms and support organizations. He keeps us on our toes with the best/worst pun of the day.


David Benoit


Phill Giancarlo

Work at Wearsafe

We love the work we’re doing, and we feel even better knowing we’re creating things that can have a lasting impact on people’s lives. We’re looking for exceptional people who love intellectual challenge, building great things, and having fun in the process.

We currently have open positions. See more details here. Get in touch, and we’ll review your application.