Wearsafe Labs Announces the Givesafe Program Inspired Giving Fueled by Safety, Security and Support

Wearsafe Labs Announces the Givesafe Program Inspired Giving Fueled by Safety, Security and Support

Wearsafe Labs Announces the Givesafe Program Inspired Giving Fueled by Safety, Security and Support 1344 816 Wearsafe

Wearsafe Labs, creators of personal safety and emergency communication products via IoT and mobile devices, is proud to announce that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are expanding their Givesafe Program to support nonprofits. In addition to donating 20% of sales to partner organizations, Wearsafe will offer donors the ability to double their impact when they designate their contribution to an organization for the purchase of Wearsafe Tags. Wearsafe will then match the designated gift with an in-kind donation of Wearsafe Tags in the same amount. Wearsafe is also working with nonprofits to provide products to its community members who need them most- at a discounted price.

“After my parents experienced a horrible fire in their home, couldn’t reach me, and I didn’t find out about it until hours later. I had to find a way for them to call for help without using their phone,” says David Benoit, co-founder, and CEO of Wearsafe. “Today, when a person presses the Wearsafe Tag, a preselected group of contacts is sent an alert via text and an email containing live audio and exact GPS location, so that the right help can be coordinated, right away. With so many people isolated due to COVID, calling for help is even more difficult. Our Givesafe Program provides multiple paths to get Wearsafe into the hands of people who need it most and help organizations raise funds critical to achieving their missions. The Givesafe Program has strategic partnerships with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, amfAR, the Ali Forney Center, and End Allergies Together,” adds Benoit.

“When survivors reach out to our advocates, they are looking for support, validation, safety planning, and connection to local resources. By informing our contacts of Wearsafe’s platform and the nondescript Wearsafe Tag, we can provide another option for survivors to access immediate support and safety, without having to say a word,” says Katie Ray-Jones, CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. “With relationship abuse, there is no one-size-fits-all-solution — but for some survivors, Wearsafe can be a great source of protection and peace of mind.”

“The in-kind matching component of the Givesafe Program is a game-changer for any organization, especially those with limited funding but, who have the pressing need to help the population they serve to stay connected and safe,” says Alexander Roque, President and Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center. “We are so grateful for financial support from donors, and with Wearsafe’s in-kind match, we can double the impact of a donor gift and can provide Wearsafe to even more of our homeless LGBTQ+ community members who will benefit greatly from the protection it provides.”

About Wearsafe Labs
Wearsafe Labs, pioneers of personal protection products and communication services, is redening the way people seek and provide help via its IoT platform and mobile app software. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the Wearsafe platform provides consumers with comprehensive features including real-time tracking, live audio, voice activation, and more, all in a universal application. Wearsafe also has embedded Accident Medical Expense Insurance coverage from Zurich Insurance Company into every Wearsafe Tag at NO additional cost to the user, which provides medical expense coverage in the event a user experiences an accident and is ever injured. Wearsafe-enabled devices have been used in over 115 countries and provide more accurate data and context than any other personal safety technology. To learn more, visit wearsafe.com.

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