Wearsafe Is Officially A Digital Disrupter

Wearsafe Is Officially A Digital Disrupter

Wearsafe Is Officially A Digital Disrupter 150 150 Wearsafe
We’ve had a lot to celebrate at Wearsafe lately, due in large part to being included in not one, but two prestigious Gartner reports!

That’s right – Wearsafe was recently featured in Gartner’s  Enterprise Guide for Spotting Digital Disruptions and Disruptors” report ,* in addition to being named a “Cool Vendor.” **
Recognized as an emerging technology provider changing the way society helps people in need of assistance, Wearsafe was selected for the Enterprise Guide for our ability to leverage technology to “provide a social safety net for runners, hikers or other individuals that could meet with harm.”
We’re honored by the inclusion and are eager to shake up the enterprise and bring safety to the forefront, especially as we’re seeing more and more companies look for ways to better care for their key assets: their employees.
Forget ping-pong tables or catered lunches — cultivating a safe work environment is the most important benefit any employer can provide its team. Wearsafe’s Enterprise Safety solution offers employers a simpler way to keep employees safer, in and out of the office, while diminishing the chance of workplace injury and reducing liability. For organizations with traveling workforces, independent workers or night shift employees, Wearsafe’s Enterprise Safety solution offers a layer of personal safety that seamlessly fits workers’ on-the-go lifestyles. Available through an affordable monthly subscription, Wearsafe allows employees to use the devices they already own, or a Wearsafe Tag, to instantly share their GPS location and continuous audio stream with their preselected network of co-workers, employer-designated security contacts, or emergency monitoring service providers.
With Wearsafe, employees can feel empowered, knowing there’s a virtual safety net in their back pocket, and employers can have peace of mind that their team members are only a button-push away from getting the help they need.

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