Traveling With Wearsafe

Traveling With Wearsafe

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Winner of the #WearsafeAdventure contest is ready to travel and explore — safely.

Wearsafe held an Instagram contest asking travel and adventure enthusiasts to tell us what their dream adventure is and share how Wearsafe makes the perfect travel buddy to help keep you safe! #WearsafeAdventure winner, Allison S., is ready to safely embark on her ultimate dream adventure with her best friend Hayley. Checkout where they will be traveling with Wearsafe and what adventures are ahead!
Where will you be going on your #WearsafeAdventure?
South America! Peru, Bolivia & the Galapagos Islands
Who helped plan your adventure?
STA Travel! They’re awesome!
What are you looking forward to the most?
A: Hard to decide! It’s all going to be a very new experience for me. I think am looking forward to see the very different scenery than I see here in New England!
H: Exploring the Galapagos Islands!
What you think will be your biggest hurdle on your trip?
A: Definitely roughing it! We will be camping and hiking a lot of the time and will need to spend a while month living out of one bag! This is going to be hard for me!
H: Speaking the native language! I haven’t taken a spanish class since the 10th grade — so my spanish speaking skills are definitely rusty!
Who are you traveling with?
A: Hayley, my best friend since the second grade. We make good travel buddies because our travel experiences are similar — we have similar interests and budgets!
H: My best friend Allison! We both love traveling and are adventurous people — we always have fun together!
What are your top 3 travel essentials, besides Wearsafe?
A: Iphone (for pictures & videos), a bathing suit (you never know when you may need one!), and comfortable travel gear (leggings & hoodie are always packed!)
H: Camera, travel journal and portable charger
How many countries have you visited?
A: 8! (Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Austrailia, Thailand, New Zealand & Iceland)
H: After this trip it will be 23!
If you had to pick one: tent or luxurious hotel?
A: Depends on the trip! If I’m traveling for shorter periods of time, a tent. For longer stays and vacation travel I prefer to relax in a hotel.
H: Hmm…luxurious hotel!
What has been your favorite travel/adventure so far? Why?
A: My trip to Thailand. It was a very eye opening experience and I was completely immersed into the culture! I made so many new friends from all over the world and we share some of my favorite memories. I shared a room with a girl from France, and became friends with a guy from California! We all became friends with so many locals from Thailand — and so many more! It was an incredible experience.
H: Studying abroad in Italy! I really got to explore a lot of Europe.
What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve ever received?
A: Take a lot of pictures and write things down! You will never want to forget the things you’ve seen, the places you’ve been, things you have felt and the people you have had the pleasure of meeting throughout your travels. Taking pictures and keeping a journal or a blog will allow you to look back on your amazing experiences for years to come!
H: Wander around and explore — it’s the best way to really explore a city!

Stay tuned for updates on Allison & Hayley’s #WearsafeAdventure! Want to make Wearsafe your travel buddy? Use the code WEARSAFEADVENTURE at checkout to receive 15% off Wearsafe Annual Service!