Wearsafe App & Tag Release 1.12 Update to All Users

Wearsafe App & Tag Release 1.12 Update to All Users

Wearsafe App & Tag Release 1.12 Update to All Users 1422 1532 Wearsafe
What’s Up?

As you may already know, we’re rolling out a brand-new update for your Wearsafe App & Wearsafe Tag! When you install this app update, it preps you to install the firmware update for your Tag. Make sure that your Tag’s battery is pretty fresh – it’ll need to be at least 75% full to successfully complete the firmware update. If your smartphone automatically installs App updates, then this is a good time to check your Tag’s battery.


We’re all pretty used to updating our apps, but you may be asking “why are you updating the Tag?”, and that’s exactly the question we’re here to answer!

Originally, the Wearsafe Tag was designed to work with your smartphone to figure out the best way to make its battery last as long as possible – up to 6 months. Since we released the Tag, there have been the usual updates and improvements to smartphone technology, and as these technologies change it’s completely normal for products to have to update to make sure that they’re still working as well as possible. In Wearsafe’s case, that means needing to update the way that the Tag conserves battery. We’ve worked really hard to improve the Wearsafe Tag’s battery life while improving the reliability you count on in a safety product, and after the update, Wearsafe Tags will all last fully 3 to 6 months between new batteries!

The only way this update changes how you use Wearsafe (besides having to change that pesky battery less often) is how you’ll send alerts with your Tag. A lot of you told us that the different press options were confusing and that most of you just used press and hold – so we listened! Instead of needing to choose between multiple press settings, now you’ll just need to press and hold the button on the Tag for at least 2 seconds to send an alert. Along with being more straightforward, having to press and hold the Tag drastically reduces false alerts – and worries your loved ones less!

The thing that excites us most about this update is that it allows us to use those other button press settings for new features in the future. Right now, we’re working on a feature that will allow you to send “Check-Ins” – letting your friends and family know where you are, and that you’re safe.

And that’s it!

Big updates can be intimidating, but we’re working hard to make sure that Wearsafe makes you feel as safe and secure as possible. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing community of users, so keep the questions, comments, and suggestions coming!