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Downloading Wearsafe

Downloading the Wearsafe App

On your phone, open the App Store and search for “Wearsafe”.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and installation finishes, you can set up your account.

Setting Up Your Wearsafe App

Launch the Wearsafe App.

Tap “Sign Up” to begin.


Creating An Account

When you first start using Wearsafe, you will be asked to create a profile and add important information to your account.

Create your profile by entering the information requested and agree to the Terms of Service, then tap “Sign Up”.
(Adding a photo is optional.)

You will receive a 4-digit confirmation code via text. Enter the code on this screen, then tap Done. If you did not receive a code, tap on “Resend Code” or update your mobile number.

Finally, create a 4-digit PIN. This PIN is used to securely close Red Alerts.


Activating Your Account & Pairing Your Device

Granting permission to your phone’s microphone and location services are required in order to send your location and audio to your Contacts during Red Alerts and Check-ins.

Tap “Got It” and then “Allow” when the app requests each permission.

To activate your account, you must input an activation code that was included in the box that came with your Wearsafe Tag.

Input the activation code when prompted. The code should be 12 digits long and a mixture of numbers and letters.

This is an image of the activation card that was included in your Wearsafe Tag box.

Tap the Menu button, then tap “Devices” and follow the instructions in the Wearsafe App to pair your Tag to your phone. It is recommended that you use a new battery with 100% life to pair your Tag, as your Tag may need to update after pairing.

Press your Tag 5 times, then tap “Continue”.

Place your Tag next to your phone.

There is a 4 digit code for each Tag printed on the inside of its battery cover. Use this code to identify your Tags.

A 4 code will appear on screen. If requested, enter that code to continue pairing.

Your Tag is paired! Tap “Continue”.

Choose a name for your Tag and tap “Continue”.


Setting Up Voice Activation

To enable Siri voice commands, open the Main Menu and then tap “Devices”.

Tap “Devices” in the Main Menu.

Tap the toggle in the “Siri” section.

Tap “Enable Voice Activation”.

Tap “Got it” after following the onscreen instructions.

Say, “Hey Siri, call Alert Contacts using Wearsafe”. If the test is successful, you will receive a confirmation screen.

When done, the toggle will show green.


Inviting Contacts

You can add as many Alert Contacts as you want. You can also choose which types of alerts they will receive, whether they are Check-ins, Red Alerts, or both.

Tap “Add Contact”.

If you are adding an Alert Contact who is already in your phone, tap “Add from Contacts”. If not, tap “Create New”.

Choose your desired Contact from your address book. If you are adding a brand new Contact, skip this step.

Fill in all of the information and choose whether this person is to receive only Check-ins, only Red Alerts, or both.

Wearsafe will send a request to receive alerts from you to your new Contact. Until they accept it, their icon will say “pending”.

When your Contact agrees to receive alerts, “pending” will disappear from their icon. Repeat this process for everyone you wish to be an Alert Contact.

Sending Alerts
With the Wearsafe Tag

Before sending an alert with your Wearsafe Tag, be sure that Bluetooth is active on the phone paired to your Tag. A Check-in is sent with a single press of the button on your Tag and a Red Alert is sent by pressing and holding the button.

How To Send a Check-in
Press the Wearsafe Tag’s alert button once. When the Check-in is successfully sent, you will feel a vibration.

How To Send a Red Alert
Press the Wearsafe Tag’s alert button and hold it. Three vibrations will occur when the alert begins. Additional vibrations will occur each time a Contact first views the alert online.

With the Wearsafe App

You are able to send a “Check-in” or a “Red Alert” from the main menu of the Wearsafe App. Tap the Menu button and then tap “Home”.

To Send a Check-in
Tap the “Check-in” button on the home screen. A Check-in will be sent immediately. You will see the confirmation on the home screen that the Check-in was sent and receive a push notification.

To Send a Red Alert
Slide the “Red Alert” button on the home screen to the right. A Red Alert will be started immediately. The alert slider will turn red and you will receive a push notification to confirm the Red Alert was activated.

With the Voice Activation

The Wearsafe App integrates with Siri to allow you to send Check-ins and Red Alerts with voice commands. Be aware that Siri voice commands only work for the owner of the iPhone.

To send a Check-in, say:
“Hey Siri, call Check-in Contacts using Wearsafe.”
To send a Red Alert, say:
“Hey Siri, call Alert Contacts using Wearsafe.”
Siri will tell you when the alert has been sent.

You can confirm Siri is setup by visiting the “Devices” screen from the Main Menu of the Wearsafe App. Voice activation should be toggled as green.

Invited to join someone’s Alert Contacts to Receive Alerts or Check-ins?

If you want to show your support as an emergency contact and don’t want to send your own alerts, respond to their email or text to accept their invitation. It’s free! No need to download the app or create an account.

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