Staying Safe On Spring Break

Staying Safe On Spring Break

Staying Safe On Spring Break 150 150 Wearsafe

It’s Here— #SpringBreak

Spring Break is finally right around the corner! Trips are booked (hopefully), bags are packed (almost) and soon enough you’ll be soaking up the sun with your friends on a beach somewhere warm. As you begin to prepare for the adventures ahead, let’s make sure you don’t forget the most crucial essential, your Wearsafe Tag. Having your Tag on spring break will not only let you and your friends have each other’s backs, but it’ll also help keep your parents off of yours.

Before you head off to paradise here are a few quick Wearsafe Tips:

Make sure your network is set so that your trusted spring break crew will know when you need them. Set up your Spring Break network(s) before you leave. Create new networks specifically for your trip and have your travel buddies do the same.

Pack your bag, wear your Tag! Don’t be that friend who left their Tag in the winter jacket back in the car. Remember, you’re not only relying on your friends, they are relying on you too.

Most importantly- have fun, be safe. While you’re soaking up the sun and dancing the night away, stay smart. Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t forget to hydrate! Nothing’s worse then getting burnt on the first day. Live this week to the fullest and make every day count!

Make your Spring Break a #WearsafeSpringBreak and share your amazing stories with us. We can’t wait to hear about it!