Staying Safe on Solo Runs When Traveling

Staying Safe on Solo Runs When Traveling

Staying Safe on Solo Runs When Traveling 1280 608 Wearsafe

It’s no secret that runners pack their running shoes when they travel. Whether it is a work trip or a vacation, people who love to run will find a way to log some miles wherever they are. It’s a great way to relax at the end of the work day or explore the area. It’s hard to relax and enjoy the run if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe though, right? November is National Running Safety Month and I’m teaming up with Wearsafe to talk about ways to stay safe and connected when running on your own while traveling.

Be seen.

Wear bright colors so that other people, runners and non-runners, notice you. Wear flashing lights and reflective colors if it’s going to be dark. You want people to pay attention to you so that you don’t get hit by a car, but also so that you become a “bad” target. Try to make yourself stand out instead of blending in with the crowd or scenery.

Stay connected.

How about a one-touch safety device that instantly connects you to family, friends or emergency responders? Wearsafe is a live link to your real-time situation – whether you are injured, lost or need help in a dangerous situation. Alerts can be sent using the Wearsafe Tag, smartphone app, Apple Watch or Android Wear.

Be in the moment.

Run without music or podcasts playing and you can connect with the world around you. Listening to music or podcasts can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it also means you are distracted. You could get hurt or worse, someone can take advantage of you. Leave the earbuds behind and enjoy the run by focusing on where you are, who is around you and what is going on. You’ll be surprised by what you might discover.

Share Your Route.

While it is fun to lace up and see where your running shoes will take you as you explore a new place, it is safer to have a planned route. Go to a popular running trail (ask your local friends or hotel concierge) or look up common routes in the area on apps like Map My Run. Sharing your route can be as easy as writing it down on a notepad or as fancy as one of those tracking features. Having a link to your whereabouts means that in an emergency situation, help can get to you faster.


No matter where you’re headed on your next adventure, take time to make safety a priority when you head out for a run, and enjoy your travels!


Amy Caine has been a Wearsafe Running Ambassador since 2017, and is the creator of Amy Caine Fitness.