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The Global IoT Personal Safety Platform

Providing enterprise and consumer wireless customers with a better way to connect, inform, and get help using mobile IoT devices powered by Wearsafe – the world’s leading personal security platform.

Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform App

A Quickly Growing Market

As technological advancements and high security concerns drive the market of public and personal safety in North America, the global personal safety market is expected to increase by $50 Billion by 2023.

Wearsafe Personal Safety Platform Audio


Wearsafe Features


Continuous real-time location updates.

Streaming Audio

Hear what’s happening to coordinate the best response.

Group Chat

Contacts coordinate in-app for a faster response.

Monitoring Service

A monitoring service provides professional emergency responses to Red Alerts.


The LTE device vibrates to let the user know when an alert is sent and viewed.

Multiple Alert Levels

Users can easily check in or send an alert with just the press of a button.

Say more with the
touch of a button.

Check In

“All is well.”
One press Check-Ins bring peace of mind to family and friends.

Yellow Alert

“I need a little help.”
2 presses sends a detailed alert to selected contacts with location, audio, and a private group chat.

Red Alert

“This is an emergency.”
3 presses instantly alerts contacts as well as a Professional Monitoring Service for a fast, reliable response.

Multiple Alert Levels with Wearsafe's Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform
No Switching Costs with Wearsafe's Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform

In This Together

The Perks of Partnership

Hardware Agnostic Platform

Attract customers by adding IoT devices to your network offerings or integrating  your devices with the Wearsafe Safety Platform.

No Switching Costs

Cut conversion costs by increasing revenue from existing customers.

Customizable Interface

Customize the user experience to fit your brand and your customers.

Scalable Solution

Wearsafe’ safety platform works wherever there is cellular service, and is already in over 140 countries.

Customer Loyalty

Safety is personal. Connect with users daily and keep them for life.

Market Leader Opportunity

Secure a first mover position in a market expected to exceed $50 Billion by 2023.

Opportunity for Growth with Wearsafe's Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform

See what it’s all about.

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