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Why Wearsafe?

Our solutions integrate with any system or safety platform you currently offer or plan on offering, all with your own company’s branding.

What Wearsafe can do you for you:

Create IoT Devices

Add or create IoT devices for your network offerings.

Integrate Your Devices

Add value to your devices and platforms with the Wearsafe Safety Platform.

Bolster Your Security Solutions

Integrate our platform with your security solution or monitoring service.


Partner with us for co-marketing and value-added opportunities.

Admin Console With Monitoring Services

Security teams with or without their own monitoring services benefit from integration with Wearsafe’s Admin Console and mobile app. Easily coordinate responses for your customers using a single browser page without any additional installations or software.
admin console screen example

Admin Console

  • Browser Based Account Creation and Management
  • Optional Real-Time Tracking
  • No Additional Installations or Software Needed
  • Multiple Admins
  • Admins Don’t Require a Subscription
  • Integration and Branding Possible

Monitoring Services

  • 24/7 Call Center Support
  • False Alarms Immediately Verified
  • Staff Are Trained to Recognize Emergencies and Dispatch Correct Emergency Services
  • Local Authorities and Emergency Services Are Contacted

Custom Partnerships

  • Add or Create IoT Devices for Your Network Offerings
  • Add Value to Your Devices and Platforms with the Wearsafe Safety Platform
  • Integrate Our Platform with Your Security Solution or Monitoring Service
  • Partner with Us for Co-Marketing and Value-Added Opportunities
Wearsafe app and LTE device

Global IoT Personal Safety Platform:

Create new LTE devices powered by Wearsafe. You’ll have full access to our alert system, enabling your customers to easily coordinate emergency response for each other.
  • GPS Location and Streaming Audio provide the best way to know how help the user
  • Group Chat enables responders to coordinate assistance quickly
  • The device vibrates to let the user know help is on the way.
  • Multiple Alert Levels fit every type of situation, from Check-ins to Red Alerts

Business Solutions:

Seamlessly integrate Wearsafe with your existing management and security tools.
  • Our flexible platform integrates with your existing management or security infrastructure
  • Integrate with existing voice-activated smart speakers
  • Easily send hands-free alerts
  • Works in every room without additional installations
  • Covers all staff, customers, or guests without extra devices

Setting the Standard for Superior Performance and Reliability

Proprietary, best in class features make Wearsafe the faster, more effective, and easier to use than any other employee safety solution. Proven, secure, and reliable, Wearsafe is used in 140 countries.

Five Stars for Wearsafe Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform

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