Feel Safe Again

Wearsafe is a modern-day, mobile panic solution designed to get you the right help, right away.

Wearsafe Personal Safety Panic Button Users

1. Send an Alert

With a voice-activated phrase or tap in the app, Wearsafe lets you instantly send an alert.

2. Notify Contacts

An alert that includes your GPS location and audio of what’s happening around you is shared with your preselected contacts.

3. Get Help

It’s fast, it works, and it could save you or the life of someone you care about.

The More You Know

See why Wearsafe Audio
is such a big deal.

Wearsafe Personal Safety Platform Audio


Wearsafe Features


Real time location updates only when alert is sent.

Streaming Audio

Hear what’s happening to coordinate the best response.


Accident Medical Expense Insurance Included.


So you can let people know you’re alright.

Voice Activated

Send an alert with your voice via Alexa or Siri on your iPhone.

Group Chat

Contacts communicate in-app for a faster response.

Insurance Included

Purchases at Wearsafe.com now include Accident Medical Expense Insurance

If you have an accident while you’re with your Wearsafe enabled phone or watch, here are some highlights of what the Accident Medical Expense Protection Policy covers.

Ambulance Coverage

$1000 for your Ambulance.

Emergency Room Visit Coverage

$500 for your visit to the ER.

X-Rays Coverage

$500 for your X-Rays.

For a detailed list of everything covered under the AME policy provided by Zurich including limitations and exclusions click here.


Wearsafe Voice Activation

Get help with a simple voice-activated phrase.  Wearsafe works with Alexa and Siri on your iPhone to get you help when you need it. 

Setting the Standard for Superior Performance and Reliability

Proprietary, best in class features make Wearsafe the faster, more effective, and easier to use than any other panic button or personal safety solution. Proven, secure, and reliable, Wearsafe is used in 140 countries.

Five Stars for Wearsafe Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform

Wearsafe Personal
Response App Subscription

Lifetime Edition / with AME Insurance Bundle


Buy a Wearsafe Lifetime App Subscription now and get Accident Medical Expense (AME) Insurance Included.

Note: Wearsafe Lifetime App Subscription does not include the Wearsafe Tag.

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90 Day Risk Free Guarantee

We think you’ll love the Wearsafe, but just in case you don’t, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days.

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