The latest running gear for fitness & safety

The latest running gear for fitness & safety

The latest running gear for fitness & safety 1280 609 Wearsafe
As the seasons change, we often find ourselves changing our routines and habits. Whether you’re prepping for the marathon season ahead or you’re a parent or student getting ready to kick off a new semester, having the right tools to keep you healthy and safe are a must. We’ve compiled some of our favorite running gear and products to help you easily transition into those new routines — and new routes!


Health Warrior Superfoods: Snacks to Fuel

Performance depends on mental stamina. Healthy Warrior creates products designed specifically to provide you with the proper fuel needed to stay focused to meet your goals. Their products are easy to carry and are effective means of obtaining energy and maintaining blood sugar levels to ensure you won’t run out of gas when you need it most. These superfood filled snacks come in a variety of delicious flavors and are especially perfect for those grab-and-go moments.


Nuun Hydration: Hydration that works.

Staying hydrated and properly fueled is critical for anyone with an active lifestyle. Nuun’s on a mission to provide healthier hydration with their electrolyte enhanced drink tabs. Their products contain only clean, plant-based ingredients that hydrates you better than just water alone. With three product lines to choose from (Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Performance), they have your hydration covered! So make your water count and stay hydrated wherever your adventures take you with these awesome electrolyte packed tabs.


Safety Skin: Reflective skin spread for enhanced visibility.

You always want to make sure you stay visible while out exploring, especially when you find yourself in low lighting, inclement weather or varying terrain. Safety Skin’s reflective skin spread is the first reflective product designed to be applied directly to your skin. Before you head out for an early morning or late night run, hike or ride, apply the stick to your skin and you’re ready to go. A couples swipes and you’ll be reflecting greatness and staying safe while doing so!


Wearsafe: Help when you need it most.

Wearsafe’s personal safety service helps keep you safe, so you can feel confident to go the distance. Without needing to fumble with your phone, you can get help when you need it with a single press of your Apple Watch, Android Wear or Wearsafe Tag. Wearsafe connects with your smartphone to instantly send trusted friends and family audio from the situation, your updated location and starts a live chat where they can quickly coordinate a response or call 911 if needed. Wearsafe’s a great fit for anyone who loves to train alone, travels to new and unfamiliar places often, or anyone who would just like extra peace of mind on their side.


Aftershokz: Hear everything with bone conduction headphones.

Take your outdoor safety to the next level, with Aftershokz wireless bone-conduction headphones. These earbuds are designed to deliver sound without plugging or covering your ear — allowing you to be open to your surroundings and aware of noises around you. These revolutionary headphones are an amazing way to stay safe while still enjoying your favorite motivational tunes.


SPIbelt: Item belt so you can stay hands free.

Whether you are going for a run, hike, or just wearing clothes with no pockets, SPIbelt holds your items snug to your body so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them (or worse, being distracted by them). With tons of options to choose from, you can choose the belt that best fits your needs.