Call for Help Without Calling

Wearsafe is easy, quick and discreet. Share your location and audio with multiple contacts at once.

Be Safe, Feel Safe

Wearsafe’s safety solution shares your location and audio when you’re in trouble.

Call for Help Without Calling

Wearsafe informs multiple emergency contacts at once using location sharing and audio.

1. Send an Alert
2. Wearsafe Shares Location and Audio
3. Help Is Coming

Stop texting and calling multiple people. Wearsafe does it for you.
Check-In: “I’m here and I’m fine.”
Red Alert: “Come here and help me.”

See Wearsafe in action.

Your Personal Security Solution – Mobile Trackers and Panic Buttons for Family and Workplace Safety

How It Works

How to Check-in:

  • Save time by pressing one button to contact multiple people at once
  • Sends a snapshot of your location quickly and discreetly to your emergency contacts
  • Great for employees clocking in or kids arriving at school

How to Send Red Alerts:

  • Activate a Red Alert to call for help to multiple people instantly
  • Audio, GPS, and group chat give your contacts complete information
  • Optional Monitoring Services [link to product page] always respond immediately

The Wearsafe Advantage

Red Alerts Answer Your Most Important Question: What’s Going On?

  • Find out the who, what, and where all at once with location and audio of your surroundings.
  • Group chat allows your emergency contacts to listen to your recordings and coordinate a response.

Create and Manage Accounts for Others:

  • Supervisors can oversee the security of their employees from their computer.
  • Set up your aging parent’s or child’s account so they don’t have to worry about it.

Receiving Alerts and Managing Accounts Is Always Free

  • Setting up and managing accounts for others is free unless you also want to send alerts yourself.
  • None of your unlimited emergency contacts need a subscription or the Wearsafe app. They view your alerts in a browser for free.

Connect Personal Devices:

  • Send alerts and Check-ins discreetly with smart watches including Samsung, Google and Apple Watch.
  • Send hands free alerts and Check-ins using Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

How Does Wearsafe Compare?

The quickest way to get help is to contact multiple people at once, share your location and inform them of your situation all while being discreet.
Only Wearsafe’s comprehensive alert system offers all of this at once.

Setting the Standard for Superior Performance and Reliability

Proprietary, best in class features make Wearsafe the faster, more effective, and easier to use than any other panic button or personal safety solution. Proven, secure, and reliable, Wearsafe is used in 140 countries.

Five Stars for Wearsafe Mobile Panic Button and Personal Safety Platform

Wearsafe always has your back.

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