Why does the Wearsafe App ask for multiple permissions?

By June 1, 2016

In order to create a powerful and effective app that helps to keep you safe, Wearsafe needs to access many of your mobile phone’s services and capabilities. Most mobile operating systems require that users confirm access to these services the first time the app tries to use them.

If you deny access to your Location Services/GPS, Contacts, Microphone, or Bluetooth, you will not be using the Wearsafe App to its fullest potential. For instance, your location and audio from your event are only sent if you allow the app to access them from your phone. And if someone were to send you an alert, by allowing notifications, you will be sure to see their call for help as fast as possible.

We strongly believe in your privacy and do not share any of your information with outside parties. Your location and audio are not accessible to your network until you send an alert, so no need to worry about being tracked.