On the alert screen, why does the map view sometimes show a person in a slightly different location from where they actually are?

By June 1, 2016

If the Wearsafe app is not finding your location, make sure your location services are set to “always” in the app’s settings. (Found in your phone’s settings under the Wearsafe App)

A phone’s ability to determine its location is affected by a number of different factors, including device model, OS version, battery status, power saving modes, cellular network and network conditions, weather conditions, and immediate surroundings. For example, a person may seem to be slowly moving near their actual location while in a downtown area on a very cloudy day, because weather and building walls are affecting GPS reception.

When an alert is sent by a user, Wearsafe uses a hybrid system to provide the most accurate location by combining separate technologies as they are available: Assisted GPS (A-GPS), Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, Wi-Fi positioning, and cellular network positioning.