Why did my alert take so long to send?

By May 5, 2017

To make sure you know when the alert is available to your responders, your device will give haptic feedback only once your App has connected to the Wearsafe system to notify your network.

If your phone doesn't have an internet connection when your device tells it to start an alert, the phone will keep looking for a connection while it records audio. All recorded audio and your latest location will go out once your phone reconnects to the Internet. This can happen when you connect to known WiFi or get back into cellular data coverage.

If your device is disconnected from the Wearsafe App, it will continue looking for your phone, and as soon as they reconnect, the alert will begin. Audio recording will start, and your phone will begin contacting your network.

Reasons your device and App will reconnect:

    • Turning Bluetooth on
    • Turning Airplane Mode off
    • The device turns on or battery is replaced
    • Wearsafe App is opened after it was force closed
    • Your phone is turned on
    • Your device and phone get close to each other after being separated