Your Business, Safer

With simple account management options, Wearsafe makes it easy to keep track of your team and give them a layer of protection, wherever they may be.

Instant Safe Arrival Notifications
Get Help Instantly Without Making a Call
Notify All Employees At Once

Why Wearsafe?

Modern-Day Workplace Safety. See why the Wearsafe Secuity Solution is such a big deal.

Safety At A Glance:

  • Monitor your team with optional real-time location tracking.
  • Fast and convenient: Employees can check in from anywhere with just a push of a button.

Know How To Help:

  • Get there faster with access to real-time location.
  • Hear what’s happening during an emergency to provide the best response.

Simple & Easy.

No Hassle Set Up

  • Set up your employees in minutes.
  • Easy to use admin console.
  • Fully customizable.

If you’re a large enterprise looking to start with a demo or pilot program, please contact us.

Businesses Using Wearsafe

The Wearsafe Advantage

audio and chat screen

Audio Takes the Guesswork Out Of Alerts:

  • Be informed immediately with more than just an employee’s location.
  • Audio from the scene provides critical context during emergency situations.
  • Hear what’s happening to your employee so you can initiate the most appropriate response.

The Perfect Addition To Your Security Team:

  • Emergency Alerts instantly notify all supervisors of situations as they arise.
  • Group chat allows supervisors and responders to share critical information and coordinate the fastest response possible.
  • Easily oversee employees from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
admin console and phone location screen
Check in screen on phone and smartwatch

Get Quick Updates From Your Team:

  • Location check-ins let your employees quickly and easily notify you that they’re OK and have arrived at their destination.
  • With a single button press, employees can sign in and out with a location and timestamp.
  • Ideal for:
    • Realtors
    • Hotel and resort employees
    • Transportation workers
    • Construction staff

Upgrade for Additional Features

Your business is unique. Our optional add-on features are designed to meet your needs. Feel free to reach out and we can help create the best solution for you.
admin console example screen

Admin Console

  • Set up employees in minutes
  • Easily create and manage employee accounts, communications and alert notifications
  • Real-time employee tracking
  • No additional software needed

24/7 Monitoring Services

  • Emergency professionals ready 24 hours a day
  • False alarms immediately verified
  • Staff are trained to recognize emergencies and dispatch correct emergency personnel
  • Local authorities and emergency services are contacted

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Wearsafe Services

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