Baby Boomers Embracing IoT

Baby Boomers Embracing IoT

Baby Boomers Embracing IoT 1673 1080 Wearsafe

The days of rolling your eyes about the digital competence (or lack thereof) of your parents are over. Baby boomers have pushed their way through those stereotypical technology barriers and Millennials are no longer considered to be the only generation who’s considered to be “tech savvy”. The Boomers’ are aging in the 21st century, and tech and this generation pair as well as

As the Boomers continue to dive into their golden years, tech industries are busy finding new ways to help the elderly lead healthy and safe lifestyles. One of the latest trends?

Health and wellness:

Health tech is among one of the latest trends continuing to rise. From heart-rate trackers to digital coaches, companies like Fitbit and Apple are in the sea of many creating smartwatches and wearables to help people manage their health and well-being. What’s driving the interest? Well, it’s the Boomers.

The mindset about what aging looks like and this generation’s desire to stay active and remain in their own homes as long as possible is different from generations before. Boomers’ willingness to adopt what’s new allows them to stay current with latest tools and technology to help them lead healthy and active lifestyles.

The senior market has embraced the fitness culture and it sure has its benefits.

Personal safety:

The Boomer generation is more onboard with adopting new technology than ever before, especially when it comes to tech that helps them to lead healthy lifestyles and live more independently. But what about technology that helps keeps them safe?

We can finally say goodbye to “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. The days of Life Alert being the only life-saving solution on the market for seniors are days of the past. New technologies on the market are offering improved solutions that are changing the way people can get help if and when they need it.

Personal safety company Wearsafe offers a solution that can do just that. Their safety service allows users to connect, inform and get help anywhere with just a press of a button. With just a press, your parents can let you know they are in danger. You will receive a text message, email and app notification once an alert is sent with your parents location, and streaming audio so they can quickly assess the situation and send the right help.

For many seniors, having a phone provides them with a sense of “freedom” and can be a liberating experience.