Life can change in a second. Be ready.

Accidents happen. Financial hardships don’t have to.  Wearsafe’s AME policy protects you in the event of a covered accident, so you can focus on recovery instead of your finances.

How the Wearsafe Accident Protection Policy Works

1. Trouble Strikes

You have an accident and slip and fall, while you’re with your Wearsafe Tag.

2. Go to the ER by ambulance.

The physician visit and x-ray in the ER reveals a broken wrist.

3. Get Assistance

Your AME Benefit included with your Wearsafe Tag will pay for your Ambulance, ER visit, and X-rays up-to your benefit limits.

Bundled with the Wearsafe Tag. Wearsafe provides Accident Medical Expense (AME) coverage underwritten by Zurich Insurance.

Insurance Coverage Highlights


$1,000 for Emergency Room Visits


$500 for Ambulance or Air Transportation


$500 for X-Rays


$500 for Emergency Room Follow Up Treatment (up to 2 visits)


$10,000 for Accident Death Benefit


$10,000 for Exposure and Disappearance Benefit

The Wearsafe Accident Protection Policy covers expenses for medical treatment and emergency transportation due to accidents, injuries, or falls. For a full list of benefits provided by the Wearsafe AME Policy underwritten by Zurich click on policy details.

No personal safety system does more.

With an integrated insurance solution, Wearsafe not only helps to get you the right help right away, but with bundled AME insurance  Wearsafe helps you get additional protection against the financial burdens that may result due to a potential accident.

Wearsafe Mobile Personal Safety Panic Buttons

Wearsafe Personal
Response Tag

Lifetime Edition / with AME Insurance Bundle


Buy a Wearsafe Tag now and get Accident Medical Expense (AME) Insurance Included.

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